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We wanted to create an inspiration for an adventurous bride. A girl that spends her free time hiking in the mountains and camping by the bonfire. A girl that would take boots over heels anytime. What if she was to stay true to her real self on her wedding day.

What if she was to put on an easy to wear dress, comfy boots, and even throw on her favorite hat. Her bouquet is inspired by wild flowers, the ones that the couple was admiring on their fist hike together. Low Maintenance, cheerful flowers just like our bride herself.

She is ready for her mountaintop elopement with only closest family and friends. She is ready to promise to be forever adventures to the one her heart loves.

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This was one of those shoots that was born in my soul, for my soul. I am so grateful for a team of Halifax wedding vendors who came together to dream with me and make this a reality. Huge thanks to Wedding Sparrow Blog for the feature.

Our shoot was inspired by a beautiful story of a Victorian heroine Grace Darling. Grace lived in a lighthouse on the Farne Islands in England with her father. One stormy morning she looked out from her window and saw a shipwreck.

She woke her father up and together they went out into the rough sea, risking their own lives, to rescue the people, who were clinging to the rocks of, waiting for help. Her father climbed onto the rocks to examine the injuries of the survivors, and tend to their needs, while Grace stayed in control of the boat. In the terrible weather, Grace fought hard to stop the boat from getting too close to the rocks while her father helped the survivors.

One by one, the survivors were helped onto the boat, until all of them were safely on board. Grace and her father took the survivors back to the Longstone lighthouse, where they tended to their wounds and cared for them for 3 days until the storm finally passed. Grace became nation’s heroine, with tales of her bravery even reaching Queen Victoria.

In our shoot, we wanted to portray a brave spirit and a beauty of a simple humble village girl. Because we believe that real beauty comes from putting other’s first and being always ready to help those in need.



The team

Photography: Julia Park Photography | Film Lab: Alpine Film Lab | Floral Designer: Humble Burdock Farms | Dress Designer: Katrina Tuttle Bridal | Hair & Makeup Artist: Selena Marchand makeup artistry | Calligraphy: Scribble and Script






I don’t usually write here, but these are the words of the bride and I wanted to include the story and vision behind their day. Because I believe that your wedding should be a representation of who you are as a couple and those guys have done it oh so well.
Scroll away, and I hope it inspires you to personalize your day in a unique way!

toronto laid back wedding

“For our wedding, we really wanted something that truly represented us. We wanted the day to feel casual and comfortable and full of love with great food for ourselves and our guests. We both love being surrounded by our family and friends but don’t feel comfortable being the centre of attention so keeping it small was ideal. We also had people coming from far away and wanted to be able to truly spent quality time with each and everyone of them. We both love the outdoors (Brian is from the west coast and we camp/hike all the time – in fact just came back from a 3day trail hike in BC and then Tofino) and we are definitely foodies so when we stumbled upon Big Crow we knew it would be perfect – had that outdoor woodsy feeling and amazing food, plus we’ve had some pretty memorable date nights there!
Decor wise, we wanted it to be laid back/comfortable romantic and definitely nothing too formal or stuffy. The venue did a lot of it for us. All the intrinsic wood elements and backyard barbecue touches were perfect for that casual feel. The real star to us though was the flowers, which really gave it that beautiful romantic feel.  We adore flowers/plants. Our house is full of plants and Brian does a pretty good job of constantly surprising me with fresh flowers. We are long term customers of our florists (crown flora). We love everything they do and Brian knows that when he needs to get me a bouquet, to get them from there (bday, anniversary, just because). We always knew we wanted crown flora to do our wedding even before we had anything else planned. What they actually did that day was all them! We love their work and essentially gave them free reign to do what they wanted with the space.
A favorite moment for us was the ceremony itself. The way the venue was set up meant that everyone was standing around casually in a semi-circle around us and we could see everyone. Add that to hearing each other’s personalized vows, we both could not have been more surrounded by love. My face hurt I was smiling so much!
Looking back – the day was absolutely perfect for us and there isn’t a single thing we would change.
We got to marry each other in a comfortable casual setting surrounded by our closest family and friends. The venue looked amazingly  outdoorsy romantic and inviting. The food was amazing and excessive. And we had time to not only enjoy each others company but to actually sit down with each of our guests to catch up.

toronto_patio_wedding-0001toronto_patio_wedding-0002toronto_patio_wedding-0003toronto_patio_wedding-0004toronto getting ready toronto_patio_wedding-0005toronto_patio_wedding-0008toronto_patio_wedding-0007toronto_patio_wedding-0009toronto boho bridetoronto_patio_wedding-0011toronto_patio_wedding-0013toronto_patio_wedding-0015toronto_patio_wedding-0014toronto_patio_wedding-0017toronto_patio_wedding-0016toronto_patio_wedding-0018toronto_patio_wedding-0019toronto_patio_wedding-0020toronto_patio_wedding-0022toronto_patio_wedding-0021toronto_patio_wedding-0023toronto_patio_wedding-0024toronto_patio_wedding-0025toronto_patio_wedding-0026toronto_patio_wedding-0027toronto_patio_wedding-0028toronto restaurant weddingtoronto_patio_wedding-0030toronto_patio_wedding-0031toronto_patio_wedding-0032Big crow weddingtoronto_patio_wedding-0034toronto_patio_wedding-0035toronto_patio_wedding-0036toronto_patio_wedding-0038toronto_patio_wedding-0037toronto_patio_wedding-0039toronto_patio_wedding-0040toronto_patio_wedding-0041toronto_patio_wedding-0042toronto_patio_wedding-0043toronto_patio_wedding-0044

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Victoria and Stephen’s day was all about soft romantic colours and effortless style. Their garden-inspired bouquets from Flower 597 were the perfect for their outdoor ceremony, while soft blooms in their centrepieces accented the tables (put together by the bride’s aunt). Complementing the venue’s old world elegance, we included gold vintage elements at the receiving table. To add an extra personal touch to the day, each table number featured a city that the couple had visited together, and a little dog trinket sprayed in gold let guests know of the donation that was made in lieu of favours to the humane society.


The team

Planning: Rebecca Chan Weddings 

Wedding cake:   Cakelaine

Makeup:  A Glow by Joan